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Creating Wonders with the Power of Women!

Cleaning Services:

Dear customers! As a company that places great importance on female employment, we exist with our women in 99% of our departments. We take pride in sharing with you the source of our strength and achievements.
Our team consists of talented and professional female cleaning experts, and with our female management team, we continuously provide training and development, adding value to our country's foundation with our women.
We contribute to empowering women.

The New Standard of Cleaning in Empty Houses:

"We make your empty homes sparkle for a brand new start! To cleanse their previous memories and make them uniquely yours, entrust us with the cleaning and radiance. With our expert team specialized in vacant home cleaning, we prepare your homes for their new owners."

Frequently asked questions about home cleaning services

You can easily complete your reservation by selecting suitable dates and times according to your needs. You can schedule your house cleaning service within minutes.
Our services cover the entire cleaning of areas such as kitchen, living room, individual room cleaning, bathroom cleaning, toilets, and balconies. Additionally, with services like internal window cleaning and, if our personnel have the necessary safety equipment, external window cleaning without any extra charges, we are here to leave your spaces impeccably clean and shining. We handle all cleaning tasks except for wiping walls and carpets.
Cleaning supplies are not provided by us. However, if needed, we can provide cleaning supplies for an additional fee.
If you wish to modify or cancel your house cleaning reservation, you can make changes without any fees within the last 24 hours for reservation modifications. Similarly, if you cancel your reservation up to 48 hours in advance, you can do so without any charges. However, in the event of canceling your reservation within the last 24 hours, a deduction of 225 TL for a 4-hour house cleaning service and 450 TL for an 8-hour house cleaning service will be applied. These policies are designed to ensure the orderly and effective scheduling of our cleaning staff and services.
Our half-day (4-hour) and full-day (8-hour) house cleaning options provide the same cleaning service, but they are determined based on the size of your home and your choice. The half-day (4-hour) house cleaning service is generally recommended for areas ranging from 1+0 to 1+1 (0-60m2), while the full-day (8-hour) service is suggested for larger spaces like 2+1 to 3+1 (60-130m2). You can also assign multiple cleaning personnel when needed for your larger areas. Additionally, by choosing the half-day (4-hour) house cleaning service for specific sections of your home, you can also save. We are here to offer you the most suitable house cleaning services according to your needs.
In our half-day (4-hour) house cleaning service, the staff's meal requirement is not provided by us. However, in our full-day (8-hour) house cleaning service, the lunch for the staff working throughout the day is provided by our customers.
You can securely make your payments with any credit or debit card of your choice. We work with the highest level PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified payment platform, Iyzico. Additionally, you can choose to pay in installments for credit card payments. You have the option to save your card details and make one-click payments for your future orders. The card storage feature is implemented using Iyzico's infrastructure in compliance with all data security standards.
Our Cleaning Experts are chosen from individuals dedicated to continuous improvement through ongoing training, and supported by strict criminal record checks and verified IBAN registrations within our company. We embrace a 100% female employment approach and operate with a strong female team across all levels of our organization. With a sense of responsibility towards nature and our future, we also strive to minimize our carbon footprint across all departments. We work collectively with this consciousness to provide you with services confidently, while committing to both the environment and the future.

Your Reviews for Our Cleaning Experts

I am very pleased with the female cleaning assistant who came to clean my house. With her professional and attentive approach, I would like to thank her and the Temizlikkolay team.
I ordered cleaning services for our vacant house through 'Temizlikkolay', and I didn't have the belief that it could be this easy and satisfying. The professionalism of the customer service team during my communication with them impressed me. The cleaning staff that came to my house demonstrated a very meticulous work, and I'm grateful.
"I have truly experienced the best cleaning service I have ever received. The Temizlikkolay team approached every step with exceptional care and professionalism. From my communication with the customer service to the dedicated work of the cleaning personnel who came to my home, every detail was flawless."
"It was great to be able to easily make reservations and payments online, and the cleaning team that was sent to my home was really excellent. They were meticulous and performed their work very professionally. My home became sparkling clean. I thank those who were involved!"
Joach LEVY
"While searching for a cleaning assistant for my office, I came across Temizlikkolay. I hadn't anticipated that it would be this easy to place an order and that they would be so responsive. Thank you very much, I'm using your service again and again with confidence."
"My spouse and I had trouble finalizing the cleaning arrangement for our new home, no matter who we consulted. With Temizlikkolay, we truly saw how easy it could be. We placed two orders and provided the desired instructions, and two cleaning associates came over and did a fantastic job cleaning the house. Additionally, we subscribed to a 6-month package, and we'd like to extend our gratitude to the customer support hotline."
"I found Temizlikkolay while searching for a cleaner or daily help on Google, and I'm glad I did. I opted for a fixed package, and now I feel very comfortable. Temizlikkolay has become my cleaning family; I'm so glad you exist :)"
"I mentioned that I have a pet when placing the order, and they were so considerate. The cleaning person who came was understanding above all else, and they are also very well-trained in their job. Let everyone do their job; Temizlikkolay has got it covered. :)"